Masters at Work

The documentary podcast series featuring, Kenny Allstar, Martha, Reece Parkinson and DJ Semtex.

Masters at Work

From the people behind the scenes, up and coming, to the established, ‘Masters at Work’ is a documentary podcast series presented by CassKidd highlighting your pioneers of today. This series features conversations with Kenny Allstar, Martha, Reece Parkinson and DJ Semtex. All of the creatives involved have invited CassKidd to shadow them, providing a snapshot of what makes them, the ‘Master’ in their field of work.

The production process of the documentary series took place between December 2017, to early Spring 2018, which captured special moments such as a debut Boiler Room set, behind the scenes of ‘Mad About Bars’ freestyles, post radio show at BBC Radio 1xtra, as well as an invitation to a house in Gravesend, Kent.

Kenny Allstar: Finding Your Lane

Known as the ‘Voice of the Streets’, Kenny Allstar has been breaking down doors as the pioneer for emerging genres like UK Rap and Drill in the music. He has been involved in creating some of the most iconic freestyle videos online, from Skengdo x AM, M Huncho, Bam Bam, 67 and more.

📸: Mad About Bars @ Chilli Cheese Studios

We were given access to document Kenny Allstar on set at the Chilli Chesse Studios in Acton, West London. It was on that evening where Kenny Allstar was recorded his Christmas and New Years specials for his ‘Mad About Bars’ series in collaboration with Mixtape Madness.

Martha: Finding Your Path

Locally known as the ‘Princess of Peckham’, Martha is a DJ, Broadcaster and Radio Producer from South East London. From a young age, Martha has been strengthening her portfolio, working both behind the scenes and centre stage. Whether it is producing Annie Nightingale on BBC Radio 1 or presenting her radio show or making documentaries for ‘The Hour’ on Resident Advisor, Martha is the real radio trailblazer you should know by now.

📸: Martha @ Boiler Room

This episode marks a Boiler Room DJ debut for Martha and CassKidd was there to see it all unfold.

Reece Parkinson: Attention of the Youth

Hailing from Gravesend, Kent, national radio presenter, Reece Parkinson is the new kid on the block everybody is talking about. Over the years, Reece Parkinson has tackled the internet unlike your average modern day presenter. From his early radio shows on Reprezent Radio, creating Backchat Xtra, to co-presenting #HimVsHer, to 1xtra Talks on BBC Radio 1xtra, Reece thrives off of making original and engaging content.

📸: Reece Parkinson @ Home

This episode, CassKidd and Reece sat down for the first time in five years at his home, to talk about his journey from community radio, online content, to commercial platforms.

DJ Semtex: The OG

With an accolade list too big to type out, DJ Semtex is a broadcaster, DJ and author, who has been constantly building and influencing the Hip Hop scene and the culture, for over 20 years. From Spotify’s ‘Who We Be’ podcast, to his BBC radio shows, to his book ‘Hip Hop Raised Me’, DJ Semtex continues to prove why he will always be the generator of generations.

📸: DJ Semtex @ BBC Radio 1xtra

CassKidd got to speak with DJ Semtex post-radio show, to talk all things music, radio and culture.

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