The Youngers Are Coming 🏃💨

The young artists who arrived early and are here to stay.

Age is a hindrance when you are young. Dealing with the frustration of not being taken seriously is the hard part. We have all experienced the stereotype of being told we are ‘too young’ to reach an accomplishment that someone of an older age has already achieved. Behold the next generation of artists who are changing the way music is respected. For young people, by young people.

909Memphis 🇺🇸

📸: 909Memphis

📸: 909Memphis

A product of the Soundcloud generation, British born 909Memphis is a 20 year old artist that will leave you in a trance with his melodic Trap influenced records. He is aware of his image, you are likely to find him sporting your favourite England football tracksuit somewhere in Virginia, America.

SL 🇬🇧

SL via Twitter

📸: SL via Twitter

Having made his mark on the UK Rap scene at just 15 with his 5 Million streamed hit ‘Gentleman’, SL is an artist proving age is just a number when it comes to music. SL raps about real everyday street issues, whilst in disguise. Yet, his youthful character shows through his Nike tracksuits and love for fresh kicks (as any teenager longs for).


Lil Mosey via Instagram

📸: Lil Mosey via Instagram

On first glance, you can mistaken Lil Mosey for an adult but this 15 year old, rapping-dabbing artist has been breaking the internet with his releases. He is an artist that takes pride in visuals and creatively does not hold back in his videos. Lil Mosey is HipHop’s ‘Lil Big Man’ and is definitely next up, climbing his way through the Soundcloud ranks.


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