From Thamesmead, to Berlin and back to London.

Paul Stephan

When it comes to flow and clarity, this artist has it all, to be honest.

There is nothing better than when your radio friends (Akeem & Nick) recommends you music to listen to and it turns out the song they recommend is a banger.

Yes, another week, which means there is another artist you need to know about. Representing South London, Thamesmead to the fullest, this artist knows how to be upfront, clear and playful when it comes to delivering his bars.

He is somewhat a hybrid or Grime and Hip Hop and goes by the name of Paul Stephan. The following record is why you need to remember his name. Also props to the producer Danny Yen!

Artist: Paul Stephan

Origin: Thamesmead, London

Record: Paul Stephan - Gummy Riddim

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, then check this freestyle out for the contemporary platform, COLORS BERLIN. The visuals are clean and Stephan goes hard in it!



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