“It just gives me even more of a reason to keep on doing this…” – VRSYJNES

It’s VRSYJNES, if you don’t know who I am, I’m a producer, DJ and recently a radio host. From South London… the best part of London, don’t @ me, don’t message me at all, best part of South, where the best guys are from, where the best music comes out of!

I first featured on the 11th of February edition of Channel ALT. I was on the show with K2RAH and it made everything real. It was my first outlet to do an interview, I’ve never had that before.

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📸 K2RAH x CassKidd x VRSYJNES @ Radar Radio

If you don’t know, I’m a producer who conceals his identity, I don’t show my face. If you wanna know why, listen to the Channel ALT show, because I explain everything there. It made me more of a relatable person, because I’m sure people thought I was just ‘some guy’ in my house putting on a mask, trying to be some indoor badman. It gave people insight of why I do it and how it adds to the musical side and what my influences are. It was a perfect outlet because Channel ALT stands for every alternative, freethinking-music, so the fact that someone like me who’s a free thinking guy, it gave me that platform to say it how it is, without being judged.

During this year, since this show, I’ve actually got my own radio show now, ‘VRSY Vault Show’ once a month, every third Friday, 5-7PM on Balami Radio. It just kind of had this organic buzz, that’s been building slowly.

📸 VRSYJNES, Balami Radio

I’ve been playing out more, DJing at different venues, Alibi, Brixton, Dalston, a lot of places and I think that it’s good that ever since then, it has got me used to the talking world. I’ve had more interviews since that, as well and I’ve been on Radar more than once now, I’ve been on Kamillah Rose, I’ve been on her channel, she’s played my stuff and plugged my stuff, also big up NANG, did a guest mix with those guys too and I was apart of one of their compilations, so big up Ralph Hardy and all the people there.

There’s a lot of interesting things to look forward to, because I’m working on another project by the title of Badman Juice, which is going to be mad, gonna be crazy. I’ve got a preview out there right now, so go on my SoundCloud and check out, ‘Side Effects’. It’s going to be wild, I’ve got my boy to host it, lots of skits, lots of genres, lots of crazy vibes, going to be an experience. It’s not just some any beat tape, this is going to be proper! Make sure you look out for that, that’s going to be mad. I’m planning to do a lot more stuff working with more people, DJ’ing more, just everywhere, so the next time you see a guy in a mask, you go “who’s that?”, somebody will be like “ahh that’s VRSY!”, you know what I mean? That’s VRSY.

A Record of mine that would sum up my year, it would be my project called ‘Exposure or Lack Thereof’. That came out in February and that was just before I had that interview with Cass as well. At the time I was really frustrated with where I was. It’s easy to slump me in the pile of Soundcloud guys because I’m a guy doing a similar thing to them [producers], but I have a more veteran approach because I’ve been here for longer. No one knows I understand that, but I didn’t think I was getting the credit I deserved, so at the time I was very frustrated, very pissed and just before that my laptop got wiped back in November. I was ready to say “fuck it, I’m gonna quit this game”, so with all that going against me, I was thinking I can’t even be bothered anymore and the point I’m making is, I was able to put it into audio form with my frustration.


Funny thing is, that after I put it out I actually gained some exposure, the title names reference points of how I was thinking. What I was going through at the time, there’s a whole description of how I felt, like I wrote everything that I was going through. I think that really resonated, like it really showed a turning point because my other project ‘Loading’ was like that as well, it was very based off real life stuff.


📸 VRSYJNES, Radar Radio

I’m not just making beats for the sake of making beats anymore, like I had rhyme and reason to why I was doing stuff, and since I made that change, people had really gravitated towards it, people gravitate towards what’s real, that’s when I noticed that the struggle that I’m doing in my personal life, when I put it through music and I showed people “hey look I’m human just like you, I got bills to pay bruh, I got family to feed” and that [I ain’t got no kids though], things I got to do to just survive. When you make it relatable, people can understand it more, so ‘Exposure – or Lack Thereof’ was a perfect introduction to my sound, as well as giving people more of a reason, than just beats. There’s an experience of this, there’s a lot of things more than just “ahh sick beat bro”, I understand why it sounds like this and there’s a lot of things that go into it and definitely a turning point because it still gets plays to this day and people play it out, people can relate to it, people listen to it… that’s what I kind of wanted and I never knew that I was capable of doing that, so ever since then, every track that I’ve made has always come from a place of how I’m actually feeling.

On that note, big up Cass. Big up Channel ALT, and big up everybody that checks through my stuff and listens to it. Always appreciate it, even if I can’t get back to you straight away, every repost, every play, every share, every comment, every mention, every tweet, every post. Everything! I really appreciate it, it just gives me even more of a reason to keep on doing this.




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