We caught up with Slackin’ Beats a while back, here’s his 3 tips on how he made it as a producer, from Sweden.

So Slakin’ Beats, what advice would you give for someone who is producing outside of the Future Beats scene, all the way in Sweden?

I would just say to have fun with it, it’s easy to follow the hype and all that stuff, but try to always work on your own sound. It’s kind of hard in Sweden to make it your own as a Future Beats producer. But, it’s just fun to do it you know.

And you have your own collective, you’re part of your own collective; “So&Such”, so what’s it like being a producer and also managing other people and other peoples sounds?

That’s really fun, it’s been a journey ever since I met these dudes, I met these two guys that are in the collective called “Choys” and “Ezzo Fresh” and they are two producers from Malmö, Sweden, and we are in the Future Beats scene and we linked up at a club or something, and we just talked and we wanted to create something new in Sweden because this whole Future Beats scene is … everything is kinda late in Sweden, I don’t know why. I’m thinking about the Future Beats scene, it’s coming, we just released our first compilation me and “So&Such” crew, its called ‘Minerals’, and it features 6 tracks from Swedish producers and they are mostly Malmö based, but also one producer from Gothenburg. I think this compilation is something new for the Swedish scene, it’s kind of unique I must say.

And lastly, what can we expect from Slackin’ Beats in the future?

Well, I’m collaborating with some artists, which I’ve mentioned before, some of them are called Nguvo, DLNH and RAZ. They are up and coming artists, rappers and singers from Malmö. I’m working a lot with them, but I’m also working on an EP. It was two years ago since I released my first EP called “Make Love”, I just want to be known, to release an idea, I don’t know how many tracks but I want it to be fun and experimental you know.



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