Introducing: Tommy Boys 🇬🇧🇳🇱

Two countries, one group.

Tommy Boys

Introducing Tommy Boys, the collective made up of four artists, spanning two countries.

Tommy Boys

Meet 24K Water, Devonta JJ, V4 and Tommy Yen also known as Tommy Boys. This is not your ordinary collective of musicians as they cover both the UK and the Netherlands. Having originally met through social media app Instagram, the boys haven’t looked back since they first linked up.

Each member hosts their own unique sound from TrapRock, UK Rap, RnB and Trap but collectively describe their sound as ‘TommyWay”, as heard on Radar Radio with CassKidd.

Tommy Boys

Tommy Boys

Tommy Boys

📸 Tommy Boys via Ferris From Hell

“The second time we linked up, it was like brothers…It wasn’t awkward.” – Tommy Boys

What makes Tommy Boys unique is their residence in both Northampton and Amsterdam. 24K Water and Tommy Yen reside in Amsterdam, whilst V4 and Devonta JJ are based in Northampton. This hasn’t stopped the crew making music as they have releases together and individually online.

Tommy Boys

Tommy Yen & 24K Water 🇳🇱

Tommy Yen & 24K Water

📸 Tommy Yen & 24K Water via Tommy Yen

Both hailing from Amsterdam, Netherlands the two members of Tommy Boys bring TrapRock and Trap to the collective as well as their take on Amsterdam fashion.

V4 & Devonta JJ 🇬🇧

V4 & Devonta JJ

📸 V4 & Devonta JJ via TommyBoysEnt

Waving for the flag for the UK are Northampton members, V4 and Devonta JJ who bring UK Rap and RnB to the Tommy Boys table.

Remember the name and remember the faces. Tommy Boys are a collective who are here to make a statement in both fashion and music. Introducing Tommy Boys.



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