The Rise of Kay Maf and Diamond Jubilee

A New Wave of Hip Hop residing from Woolwich.

Kay Maf

📸: Kay Maf via Instagram

Introducing Kay Maf, representing Woolwich, South-East London. Already far from the ‘new kid on the block‘, Kay Maf has been quietly brewing for the last year and it seems he is ready to unleash his music, as heard on Diamond Jubilee. Before going forward, we have to look at the musical footprint this South-East London artist has left for new listeners to catch up on, as well as existing followers to reminisce on.

Kay Maf is an artist that takes everything into account, from flows, production to visuals, he is ultimately a rapper making music his way and his way only. In every release, you begin to discover something new about Kay Maf. He takes pride in putting his area Woolwich on the map, whilst staying true to his lyrics. For instance, in ‘Fancy’ we see Kay Maf rolling through the countryside in a crimson red 1960’s Mercedes Benz 250 juxtaposed with the reality of what Woolwich life brings.

“Mans coming straight from the South East, round here nothing too fancy.” – Kay Maf

An area based in the South-East of London, Royal Borough of Greenwich between Charlton, and Plumstead situates the sound of Kay Maf. Amidst the UK twang, he sits comfortably on the most US sounding Trap instrumentals from producers such as IZAK (YBN Nahmir – Rubbin Off The Paint) and Landfill. This along with his visuals really set him aside as an artist you won’t forget.

Kay Maf

📸: Kay Maf via Instagram

Now with two EP’s to his name via FIGGA Records for New Woolwich Wave, and now ‘Diamond Jubilee’, 2018 is just the start for Kay Maf marking his musical territory.

Listen below to Diamond Jubilee EP by Kay Maf in its entirety:


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