Have you ever found a song, clicked to find out more music from that particular artist, then end up getting immersed in their sounds, thinking how your life was before your new discovery?

On the 9th of March we saw mystery US rapper, Yung Gravy catch up with CassKidd on Radar Radio. It was the first time he was heard aside from his songs online, so it was only right to share this moment with the world. We first got put onto Gravy earlier last year with his record ‘Continental Breakfast‘ and from that listen alone we knew he would be on our hit list to interview. 8 months later Gravy agreed to share the voice behind the sauce.

He spoke about where his name originated from, when he will eventually reveal his identity to the wider world, performing at SXSW this year and being apart of the collective Fresh Produce.

“If I make a song and it’s done, I’ll drop it right away.” – Yung Gravy

Lets not forget about all of the great creators behind Gravy’s sound too. Big shout-out to Blasé, FiftyFiveBeats, Rich Beatz & Candler. There is just something about ‘Yung Gravy’ when it comes to his releases. He sits nicely on the fence between making bangers and guilty pleasures. Either way, be sure to keep an eye on this artist for the Summer and beyond, we have a good feeling about him.

Of course we cannot forget about you music heads and the ones who are after those new gems. You can listen to the full show to hear records from, Rascal, Shiwan, Idris Miles, Hitori Shun, Vhoor and more.



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