Sammy & Johnny Bennett drop visuals for new track, ‘Bevis

Watch the new video by the Swedish rappers. 🇸🇪

Sammy & Johnny Bennett

Sammy & Johnny Bennett

It is always exciting to see breakthrough names come through music. It is also exciting to see when family is involved. In this case, introducing twins, Sammy and Johnny Bennett, two brothers from Gothenburg, Sweden.

In ‘Bevis’ [translation ~ evidence], we see the Swedes showing us what it is like to floss in the most artistic of ways, incorporating photography, cinematography and fashion through-out the video. Also part of the collective, TU5EN, the Filip Hunter production carries the track to a level that sets this video apart from your average music video.

There are so many questions when trying to figure out their style of music, but for now just enjoy the dope visuals directed by Olle Knutson.

Watch ‘Bevis’ below:



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