Tommy Boys x Footpatrol #OnLocation

Watch Tommy Yen and 24K Water from Tommy Boys make their #OnLocation debut in Footpatrol.

Tommy Boys

📸 Tommy Yen x 24K Water

Channel ALT has teamed up with stores and venues around the UK to give you a new performance series #OnLocation.

Approximately 222 miles North East of London, we discover Tommy Yen and 24K Water from the collective, Tommy Boys. To those unfamiliar with the Tommy Boys, they are an international group formed over two cities – Amsterdam and Northampton. Tommy Yen and 24K Water make up half of the group representing for the Dutch, whilst other members, V4 and Devonta JJ wave the flag for the UK.

Tommy Boys

📸 24K Water x CassKidd x Tommy Yen

Location: Footpatrol 🇬🇧📍


📸 Footpatrol

Based within Berwick Street Market in Soho, is independent sneaker store Footpatrol. With a strong history of supplying some of the most exclusive trainers, clothes and accessories in-store and online, it was essential to pair Tommy Boys with this location.

Having already cemented their relationship through the Channel ALT radio show with CassKidd, we thought what better way to launch the series than with two of the most charismatic rappers you will come across on UK soil or in the Netherlands.

#OnLocation is the performance series that tailors an artist to an exclusive space.

We have been working very hard behind the scenes to bring you something worthwhile, long lasting and different. From artists that may be new additions to your Spotify and Apple Music playlists, to household names, we have searched far and wide to bring you these exclusive performances.

Tommy Yen

Tommy Boys

CassKidd #OnLocation

Making their debut for the series, watch 24K Water and Tommy Yen exclusively perform their track, “Sir Mixalot”. The unreleased track is everything we expect from the Tommy Boys, energy, confidence and sauce. The 808Shotta produced track is set to be released later this year. With new material on the way from the rest of the members, Devonta JJ and new father V4, we have a lot to and look forward to with Tommy Boys.

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“Pulling up on you/ I don’t hesitate.” – Tommy Boys

24K Water



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